Tips for Fall Camping

October 10, 2023 92 view(s)

Tips for Fall Camping

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. The leaves are changing, the pumpkin flavored foods are taking over, and the air gets crisper. With the weather getting cooler, some people might think that camping season is over. However, camping season never has to end! Just like any other time you go camping, you just have to be prepared. Here are 6 tips for fall camping!

Photo by Bridget Miller

1.     Dress for the weather

Depending on where you live, fall weather can really vary each day. Some days are cooler, some days have the leftover warmth from summer, but the night will usually always be pretty chilly. Make sure to always have layers on you. Start with a base-layer, then add on a mid-layer and jacket. Having good merino wool socks, a hat, and gloves is also smart to have. I also have a pair of puffy shoes from Chaco that help keep my feet warm in the chilly evenings at the campsite.

Photo by Bridget Miller

2.     Stay warm in your sleeping bag

Having a sleeping bag that’s rated for the temperature you’ll be sleeping in is the first step. One extra way to stay warm in your sleeping bag is to stuff clothes at the bottom of your bag to help keep your feet warm. Another way is to fill up a Nalgene bottle with hot water and either put it at your feet or lay it by your core.

Photo by Bridget Miller
Photo by Nikki Smith

3. Sleep on a closed-cell foam pad

Sleeping on the cold ground or even just an inflatable mattress pad will make your body lose heat. Sleeping on an insulated closed-cell foam pad like the Peregrine Grid-Link Folding Pad will help your body stay warm at night.

Photo by Emily Trombly

4. Eat up!

Putting calories into your body is another way to stay warm because your body produces heat while it is metabolizing food. Carbohydrates and foods with high protein or fat are all great options! Drinking a warm beverage will also help you keep warm. And who doesn’t love a nice hot cup of tea before going to bed?

Photo by Emily Trombly
Photo by Bridget Miller

5. Build a campfire

A campfire is a great way to get some warmth in the fall! However, make sure to check out the regulations in your camping area to make sure that campfires are permitted. When having a campfire, always remember to Leave No Trace. You shouldn’t build a campfire bigger than it needs to be. Your campfire should also be completely put out before going to bed or leaving the area.

Photo by Emily Trombly

6. Go to the bathroom before going to bed

Waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom while camping is one of the worst things ever. The second worst thing ever is laying in your sleeping bag unable to fall asleep because you have to use the bathroom but don’t want to go out in the cold. While I haven’t found any scientific evidence to prove whether or not holding in your pee will keep you warmer or make you lose body heat, all I know is that it sucks to leave the warmth of your sleeping bag in the middle of the night. That being said, it is always a good idea to just try and use the bathroom before heading to bed to lessen the chance of needing to get up later and lose all that warmth in your bag that you’ve created. 

Photo from Leave No Trace

Fall never lasts as long as we all wish it would, so you better get your fall camping in before winter takes over! Do you have a favorite place to camp in the fall? Leave a comment below! Also, make sure to tag us in all of your camping adventures! @peregrineequipment

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