A Gift Guide for Campers & Hikers

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A Gift Guide for Campers & Hikers

Do you struggle with gift giving? Some people can be hard to shop for! Our Digital Marketing Specialist, Katie Ely, loves to give gifts! She wrote this guide to give you some inspiration on what you can gift the outdoorsy people in your life. Even though it’s currently the holiday season, these gifts are great ideas for any occasion!

Camping Pillow

On my camping/backpacking trips with my family growing up, we just used our clothing stuff sacks as our pillows. Those worked fine, but after trying an inflatable camping pillow, I will never go back to the stuff sack pillow. We have two different inflatable pillows, both giving you extra comfort while camping. The Pro Stretch Pillow comes in two sizes, is lightweight, and has a plush soft-to-the-touch top. The Aerie Ultralight Pillow is only 3.4oz, so it's perfect if you're trying to cut weight on the trail. Even though it's ultralight, it is still very durable and comfortable! 

Photo by Nikki Smith


You can never go wrong by gifting someone a hammock! A hammock is a great gift for anyone who hikes or camps! Laying in a hammock with a good book or your cute pup, with a beautiful view is one of the best things you can do in my opinion. Our Refuge Lite Hammocks come in 8 different colors, and they are light enough for a hiking trip yet robust enough to last on all of your trips. It packs down into a built-in stuff sack that doubles as hanging storage for your water bottle, your phone, for any other small items.

Photo by Bridget Miller

Camp Kitchen supplies

Having a good camp kitchen setup is important for any camping or backpacking trip. Maybe someone in your life is just getting into backpacking and is needing a lightweight stove. Check out Olicamp! They have a large variety of lightweight stove options, and some even come in a combo pack with a pot! My favorite product from Olicamp that is a very easy, simple gift for someone is the Long Titanium Spoon. I love this product because it is long enough to get to the bottom of freeze dried meal bags without causing a mess, and it is super lightweight which is perfect for backpacking.

Photo by Emily Trombly

Camping Blanket

Everyone like to be cozy on a camping trip! I personally am someone who runs cold, so I always have to have a blanket with me to keep warm--especially on a camping trip! Peregrine has a variety of blanket options. There are natural wool blankets and synthetic field quilts. The Link-Up Synthetic Field Quilt comes in either a single size or double size, both with 2 color options. The button system allows you to fasten two quilts together to add an extra layer of warmth. 

Photo by Emily Trombly

Camping Lights

Is someone in your life all about the ambiance? Get them some camping lights! Mpowerd has so many options of string lights and solar powered inflatable lights. These can be strung above a hammock as pictured below, hung around a tent or campsite, or even hung up in a car. 

Photo by Bridget Miller

Comfy Camp Shoes

As mentioned above, I typically run cold. A product that truly changed the camping game for me are the Ramble Puff shoes from Chaco Footwear. These are water resistant, quilted, fleece-lined shoes that are designed to keep the cold out and keep your feet cozy. They have durable soles which make them perfect for camping trips. I never go on a camping trip without them, so I think they would make an amazing gift for anyone. 

Photo Courtesy of Chaco Footwear

Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are a great gift option for someone who enjoys hiking! There are so many benefits to using trekking poles on the trail: protecting knees when walking downhill, improving power when walking uphill, assisting with balance and stability, improves posture, and more! Peregrine has a few different trekking poles. There are telescoping options and a folding option, both making more easy packdown and storage. They are all lightweight, durable, and built for all season use. I definitely can notice a positive difference when I hike with trekking poles, especially if I have a heavy pack on or I'm gaining a bit of elevation.

Hiking Backpack

One thing that every hiker should have is a good backpack. Peregrine has a good variety of different day packs. They range from 18 to 25 liters and can all fit whatever you might need on a hike. Peregrine day packs are all lightweight, waterproof, and durable, making them excel in any climate you might be day hiking in.

Photo by Bridget Miller

Kula Cloth

Going to bathroom is something that everyone does, and there should never be any shame about it! Your bladder does not hault when you're out in the wilderness. The Kula Cloth is designed for anyone who squats when they pee in the woods. It is a reusable antimicrobial pee cloth that clips shut and hangs on the outside of your backpack. Using a Kula Cloth has a positive impact on the environment because you're not using toilet paper which is obviously not reusable. The Kula Cloth is a wonderful option for a hiker or backpacker in your life!

Photo Courtesy of Kula Cloth

Hiking Socks

Any hiker knows that there's no such thing as owning too many hiking socks. Hiking socks would make great stocking stuffers or a great small gift for the hiker in your life. It's important to make sure you're getting good quality socks so that they don't get blisters or irritated feet on the trail. The best hiking socks should be made of smart wool or merino wool. Hiking socks should be durable and lightweight. Here is a link to see the 6 Best Hiking Socks of 2023, tested and reviewed by OutdoorGearLab.

Photo Courtesy of Farm To Feet

If you have a camper or hiker in your life, there's an endless amount of gift ideas for them. From a large gift like a tent to a small gift like a camping spoon, you really can't go wrong by gifting some great gear!

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