Road Trip / Camp Games

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Road Trip / Camp Games

Katie, our Digital Marketing Specialist has always loved going on road trips and camping trips. Music, podcasts, and good company are all great to have on trips, but it’s good to have some other entertainment ready to go if you get bored or want to mix things up. This blog will go over five games that can be played either on the road or on a camping trip, all that require no supplies! 

My Cow

This is one of my favorite games to play with other people on a long road trip. While on the road, yell “my cow!” any time you see a pasture of cows. If you’re the first person to call It out, that is your cow. A pasture of cows equals just one cow in this game. If you pass a cemetery, yell “dead cow!” and everyone else loses all of their cows. Keep track of how many cows you have for the entirety of the car ride. The person at the end of the trip with the most cows, wins!


There is a separate cow game that lasts a lifetime. While you’re driving, if you see a cow go from either standing up to laying down or from laying down to standing up, you get a point. You must see the entire movement! I keep track on a note in my phone of how many points I have. I’ve been playing this game for over a year and currently have 4 points. It’s pretty rare to see, so good luck!

The Alphabet Game

This is a game that I play any time I’m on a road trip. You can play this game either by yourself or with others in the car. To play, you must look at road signs, billboards, and building signs to find a word that starts with each letter in the alphabet, in alphabetical order. If you’re playing with multiple people, you can either work together to see how fast you can get through the alphabet, or you can race each other.

The Word Association Game

The word association game is great for two people and can be played anywhere! The goal is to say the same word. At the same time, both of you will say a word. Next, think about a word that could connect those two words. Again, at the same time, both people will say their word. Keep going until you both say the same word.

Here’s an example! Let’s say person 1 says “car” and person 2 says “tree.” A connecting word would be “trunk” because both cars and trees have trunks.

Most of the time, it’s not that easy! It can get really funny if the two words are completely different and random. Both people will have to get creative to try and find a connection. I’ve played this many times and it’s hilarious when you get so close to saying the same word then you somehow get so off track.


Camouflage is a game that I learned at the summer camp I used to work at. It is pretty similar to hide & seek and was a favorite game amongst many of our campers. You need at least 4 people to play and there’s no limit to how many people can play at once. Make sure you’re in an area with a lot of hiding places such as trees or bushes.

To play, one person is the caller. They first must yell “CAMOUFLAGE!” and that signals everyone to run and hide. The caller will close their eyes and loudly count to 10. They must keep their feet planted where they were when they yelled “camouflage” and look around to see if they can spot anyone. If they see someone, they will call out who they see and that person is out of the game. Once the caller cannot spot anyone else, they’ll close their eyes and yell “MIGRATION!” and everyone must find a new hiding spot. A 10 second countdown will happen again and then the caller will try to spot more people, still staying in the same spot. Once they can’t find anyone, they’ll yell “ATTACK!” and everyone must leave their hiding spots and run to the seeker. The first player to get back to the caller and give them a high five wins the game!

Have you played any of these games while on a road trip or camping trip? Any games that we missed? Comment them below and share them with us on Instagram @peregrineequipment!

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