What It's Like Taking Outdoor Gear Photos

May 31, 2023 41 view(s)

What It's Like Taking Outdoor Gear Photos

Have you ever wondered what it's like taking photos for an outdoor brand? Maybe you're new to photography and are interested in getting started in the outdoor industry. Maybe you're already an outdoor photographer and you're just curious to see what other brands do! Here at Peregrine, we have a few photoshoots a year, and in this blog you'll learn all about what goes into them!

Now what is the point of having these photoshoots? Sure, we could just have the product photos on our website, but think about when you're shopping for new gear online. Maybe you're needing to buy a new tent and you're comparing different brands and tents. The product photos and product description can only do so much. You want to see that tent in action! Lifestyle photos, of course, highlight the details and specs of a product, but they also allow customers to see what that product looks like outside in nature, and how they can interact with and use the product. These lifestyle photoshoots also allow customers to see different products being used together--something you can't usually get with just studio product photos.

These photos also aren't only used for product pages on our website. We also use them for social media, email campaigns, and blog posts like this one!

Each year, we have a few photoshoots and that's for a few different reasons. We want to be able to show off our products being used a variety of settings by different people. To achieve this variety, we go to different environments and use different models. Since we are using photos for more than just the website, we want to have a variety so that our social media isn't looking repetitive. Having multiple photoshoots each year will keep your brand's content fun and fresh all the time.

There is a lot that goes into the planning of a photoshoot: what products to shoot, who is going to model, what they'll wear, where and when the photoshoot will take place. To plan it all, you first need to have a vision in mind for the theme of the photoshoot. Are you trying to capture a group of friends or a family going camping? Are you trying to show what a camping trip might look like for a couple? The theme of the shoot will help you determine all of the factors of the shoot.

Next, figure out what products will be highlighted and what products will be used as extras or in the background. Keep a list of every item you bring so you can stay organized.

Now where will this photoshoot take place? Remember that you want show a variety in your photos, so choose somewhere that looks different than the previous place you went. Before going, make sure you do proper research into the area so you are following the Leave No Trace principles, and so you are prepared for what the area is like. When researching the area, it is also important to note what time of day you're going and where the sun will be at that time. You definitely don't want to be dealing with super harsh lighting due to the sun.

At Peregrine, we are lucky to have many employees who are willing to model in our photoshoots! It definitely is a perk to be able to get out of the office for a day to be involved in a photoshoot. Whether you're using coworkers, friends, or hired models, make sure to communicate with them all of the details for the shoot. Models should be wearing bright colors so they pop out in the photos, but they shouldn't wear clothing with distracting logos or designs. If you know you'll be taking close-up shots with their hands, like zipping up a tent, make sure their nails are looking nice. Your models should also bring a few different outfits to the shoot. This is so you can set up different scenes and make it look like different days. This will be great to show more variety in your photos.

Want to see some footage from a recent Peregrine photoshoot? Check out our reel on @peregrineequipment!

Photos in this blog taken by Emily Trombly @emilytrombly.

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