Solo Camping vs Group Camping

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Solo Camping vs Group Camping

Camping is an activity that can be done solo or with a group. Both types of camping will have different pros and cons, and the pros and cons lists can vary depending on who you talk to. Katie, our Digital Marketing Specialist, has been camping her whole life, so she’s had many experiences camping with other people and camping alone. In this blog, she will give her opinion on what she prefers, as well as provide tips for how to make the most out of any camping trip.

I am very much a people person. I love my friends, I love meeting new people, and I love making memories with others in my life. 99% of time, I would rather go on an adventure with someone else, or a group, rather than do it solo. I just really enjoy sharing adventures with other people. Being able to socialize by sharing stories around the fire, playing games at the campsite, or deep chats under the stars bring a fun dynamic to a trip. Camping with other people can also bring a sense of comfort. There is obviously safety in numbers, so camping with a group or even just one other person, can be beneficial if there is any sort of danger or if someone gets an injury. Having different experience levels, perspectives, and skillsets can be helpful when needing to problem solve.

When camping with a group, make sure you do research beforehand to learn about any group size regulations for the area you will be camping in. Keep in mind that the more people there are, even if it’s just two of you, the louder you will be. Be mindful of this so you do not disturb other campers and wildlife.

Even though I prefer to camp with other people, I think that camping solo has many benefits. One of my favorite solo trips was one that I took a couple years ago to Bryce Canyon National Park. The first morning was a little chaotic because I somehow managed to lock my keys, wallet, and phone inside my car, and I had to get help from this very kind couple who were camping nearby. After the chaos, the weekend was super relaxing and therapeutic. It was a trip to focus on me and only me. It felt great to do exactly what I wanted to do without having to think about anyone else’s opinion. I was able to make my own plan, change the plan if I wanted, and go at my own pace. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with changing plans/paces if you’re with other people, but it was nice to only worry about me. Freedom, flexibility, and solitude are the top three benefits of camping solo in my opinion. Being alone will bring opportunities for personal growth and self-reflection. You may encounter challenges that you’ll have to problem solve on your own and that can help boost your confidence and independence, while also creating memories you can tell your loved ones later.

When camping solo, make sure you take all the necessary precautions so that you have a safe trip. Let loved ones know where you’ll be and when you intend to return, get familiar with the area, and listen to your gut if something/someone doesn’t feel right!

No matter what type of camping you do and who you go with, if anyone, it’s important to remind yourself of why you’re on the trip. Are you looking to bond and create memories with a partner or friend? Are you on a trip to meet new people? Are you looking for some solitude and self-reflection time? Thinking about the intention behind your trip and doing everything you can to meet your expectations will ensure that you get the most out of your time. Try not to stress if plans change or small things go wrong, and just enjoy nature and all its beauty. That’s what camping is all about, right? Getting outside, enjoying nature, and creating long-lasting memories.

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