Review- Peregrine Radama Hub

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By Steve Wise
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Review- Peregrine Radama Hub

I had a chance to take out the Peregrine Radama Hub 4-person tent last weekend and it was a pleasant surprise. It’s more on the heavy side for a tent, but it’s not designed to be the backpacking, lightweight variety. As primarily a car-camper, I need a tent that will last and standup to the more frequent abuse that comes with car camping. I was pleased to see that the poles on this are slightly thicker DAC poles. They were very easy to set up and incredibly sturdy once connected to the tent.

I’m no fabric expert, but I would guess the tub of the tent to be a 40 or 50D fabric. This is a rather durable thickness and middle-of-the-road industry wise, but I would still pair it with an optional footprint. The tub sides also come up a good 4 inches around the entire perimeter of the tent. Combined with the fly that extends past the top of the tub, and I wasn’t concerned at all about rain getting in. It rained both days I was out using it and the interior stayed perfectly dry. The tent fabric was much thinner and lighter, but I’m not concerned about its ability to last. My one concern would be the mesh sections, as it is with most tents. It was incredibly thin and light so you would want to keep any sharp objects like knives or tree branches far away if using without the fly. However, what I’m not concerned about is stepping on the tent door. Peregrine was genius here. Instead of the typical door that zips towards the floor, necessitating you to constantly step over or around the door to avoid damaging it, they designed the door to unzip towards the ceiling. They then integrated a pocket into the ceiling to stuff the door in. This is AMAZING! You can also unzip the entire door using one hand. Huge plus here.

The fly also has some very nice improvements to it. There are 2 ventilation areas at the top of the fly that allow all the moisture to escape while still covering the mesh ventilation at the top of the tent. No more waking up to condensation covering everything. Rain blowing sideways? Just close the ventilation openings with a Velcro clasp. The fly doors are also easy to manage with magnetic clasps where you roll the door back. Say goodbye to messing with those little toggles when setting up or when it starts to rain. Just give it a little tug and it pops off and is ready to be zip closed.

Let’s talk about the storage. This tent has tons! I counted 9 pockets including the door storage areas. There are 3 pockets that run the entire length of one side of the tent, 2 pockets in opposite corners, and 4 pockets on the ceiling. They have done away with the hanging gear loft and instead have built-in pockets. Like having a gear loft, you say? There are still 4 little loops that you can attach an optional gear loft to. There is also a hook right in the middle of the ceiling where you can hang a lantern, string lights, or finally put up that divider so your roommate doesn’t end up spooning you in the middle of the night. The fly also extends several feet past the door to give you (2) vestibules to put shoes, gear, or bags if you need a little extra floor space. They have also designed the walls of the tent together with the poles to give you more headspace. The walls are near vertical so no more dead space that is common with more angular tents.

I’ve been using a Marmot Limelight for years and the Radama Hub had all the same features plus more. When packed down, the 4p Radama was just barely bigger than my Limelight 3p. I will definitely be replacing the Marmot and using the Radama Hub as my primary car camping tent.

by Steve Wise-

Steve is what you would call a "Jack of all trades." Whether it’s scaling a rock face, dropping in a couloir, or chilling on the back nine, you will typically find him outside. Adrenaline activities such as downhill mountain biking and jumping off a 400 ft canyon are some of his favorites, with the addition of whitewater paddleboarding the past few seasons. He’s no stranger to the leisure life though, as he recently took 2nd place in a local pickleball tournament. He has a passion for sharing his love of the outdoors with others and has pursued opportunities in both sales and marketing for the outdoor industry. His most rewarding endeavor was teaching kids how to ski and snowboard for 3 years in Park City, UT. He recognizes that none of this would have been possible without excellent gear to make it happen and is on a constant hunt to find that next piece.

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July 12, 2019
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