Peregrine's Brand Story

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Peregrine's Brand Story

Peregrine strives to provide the highest quality gear possible to the price conscious adventurer. Peregrine was started in 2012 by a team of avid adventurers living at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, founded on the belief that quality gear and outdoor experiences should be accessible to all. Peregrine doesn’t design anything we wouldn’t recommend to our friends. From features to color, we make products that enhance outdoor experiences. We never negotiate on the quality of our products and our wide range of products guarantees that you can find the right perfect for your favorite adventures 

Peregrine believes connecting with wild places contributes to living a happy and healthy life.  The tents are lightweight and comfortable. The day packs can hold a lot of gear and pack down to take up little to no space in your hiking pack or vehicle. The hammocks borrow materials and components suitable for the stresses of rock climbing. With a few Peregrine pieces, you can maximize your time in wild places with the people that mean the most to youwhich studies like this one from Harvard says can improve your mood. 

What is it about being in wild places that leads to a happier life? According to the American Psychological Association, even just having green outside your window has positive benefits like improved working memory, cognitive flexibility and attentional control. Why is this? One hypothesis argues that since our ancestors evolved in wild places, we have a natural drive to connect with nature. Another hypothesis is that spending time in nature creates a physiological response that lowers stress. Attention restoration theory credits nature with the replenishment of cognitive resources, meaning your ability to concentrate and pay attention. One experiment showed that taking a break from a dull task to gaze at a small garden yielded better results overall than a short break to gaze at a concrete rooftop. 

Peregrine has been selective about the products they offer because they want to give you flexibility to access the outdoors in your favorite ways, whether that is quick hour hike in the foothills of your town or on a four-day backpacking trip exploring deep into the wildernessEven if neither of those is your jam, Peregrines creates tents that pair with RVs and cars due to their size and strength. 

Quality products aren’t the only thing that we focus on, stewardship is encouraged through our love for the outdoors, values, providing education, and facilitating responsible access to our wild lands. Choose Peregrine to team up for a happy life exploring wild places. 

August 19, 2021
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